Tips when looking to buy a home

I take notice of the following looking for any obvious potential problems…

Fall of the Land
The position the house is situated on the site with regard to surface water drainage. any water building up around or under the house is trouble and needs to channelled away from any exterior walls. blocked drains and moisture
can attract termites and also affect the house footings.

Retaining Walls
The height and method of construction need close examination, again surface water trapped behind timber sleeper walls creates a breeding for termites. replacement of retaining wall is an expensive cost.

Cracked Brick Wall
Exterior Cracking
Paving, brick fences, house brickwork and drive ways are places for movement cracks to develop. The reasons why and the cost to remedy any problems need to be known.

Exterior of dwelling
Has it recently been rendered or painted? This can be a method of covering up potential problems.

Are they legal and do they have any detrimental effect on the existing house? Has termite protection been carried out.

Interior rooms
The rooms of main concern are the wet rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry. any leakages in these rooms can lead to cabinet damage and also attracts termites. Rusted hws trays inside cupboards are problem areas.

The shower base
This needs close inspection to see if any sign of repair work or silicone has been carried out, indicating a possible break down of the waterproofing.
Surrounding walls need to be miosture tested.

Water damaged Ceiling

Interior paintwork
New paint work to walls and ceilings needs to be investigated for any cover up of old water leaks from the roof and wet rooms.

Interior Alterations
Have walls been removed, and are any changes to the interior of the house safe?

Does the home have potential for further alterations and additions and what is the estimated cost.

Signs of movement
These can be wall or ceiling cracks, doors and windows that don’t shut properly.