The Worst House Inspected for Termites

Inspection near Worangary – location not to be disclosed.

A prime example of termite damage

  • Danger to occupants
  • Costly repairs
  • A week of work for the carpenter alone plus the cost of materials

The roof space was a danger to be in – someone could fall right through the ceiling.

Termite Facts source CSIRO

Termites in Australia

The Response from prospective purchasors

When prospective purchasors of a house discover the “dream home” is not what it seems it is often “shock” then relief. Don’t get caught out – if there is a problem we will find it!

House Riddled with Termites

Use a qualified Gold Coast pest control expert if you suspect termites in your home.

Does your contract protect you?


Do not sign a contract for a home without a well worded building and pest clause!

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