Plumbing Problem – Stainless Steel Braided Hose


Plumbers love it….it saves time, money and effort, one big problem is it leaks.

Not a small slow leak, when it leaks it’s like a garden at full speed under your sink enough to flood every room in the house, wrecking floating floors and carpets.

Insurer reports 22% of water damage claims due to failed braided hose

Braided Hoses Water Damage

In the case of two story leakages, the ceilings to the bottom floor will be wrecked.

Unfortunately the product only has a 10 year warranty and has been on the market for over 20 years.

The hose has a reputation of failing within the ten year warranty.

The first signs of leakage are spots of rust on the braiding that covers the rubber pipe inside. Signs of chlorine discoloration are also visible on the connections.

Part of our Building Inspection covers inspecting all the braided piping in your home. As a licensed builder Lloyd covers issues that may be overlooked by less experienced inspection companies. We use 2 experienced inspectors for a thorough Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast. A smaller more experienced team liasing directly with you.

Beware, the pipe looks easy to fit but a plumber is needed to select the correct pipe with the right thickness braiding and tighten the pipe fittings to the correct strength.

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