Older Suburbs Older Problems

Older Style Building Gold Coast


Types of homes in Gold Coast suburbs like Burleigh Heads, Miami and Palm Beach vary from older original weather board and asbestos sheet clad homes to modern brick veneer.The older style that have been well built and maintained may have stood the test of time, but others may need extensive repairs to be brought up to standard.

These homes need a builder with practical knowledge of past methods of construction to be able to identify and carry out any rectification.

Knowing what walls are load bearing and important is critical if alterations and additions are to be carried out. Free advice is available.

Homes in beach side suburbs like Burleigh Heads, Miami and Palm Beach built in the last 30 years also need a thorough inspection due to sandy soil conditions effecting foundations. Corrosion and rust due to close proximity to the ocean are also an ongoing problem.

Lloyd is the building inspector you need to consult in these beachside  suburbs as his indepth knowledge plus building expertise is invaluable.


Beachside Suburbs have their own Termite issues – Termites love buried timber


Lloyd discusses building inspections in suburbs like Palm Beach Gold Coast:

“Palm Beach is famous for them”

Being close to beach there are just as many termites there as out in the bush.

Along the coastal strip everything is a lot older. This is significant because older termite barrier treatments were designed for a lifespan of 20 years.

Many houses in Palm Beach were built 30 years ago.

This timber attracted termites and is a cause in the opinion of Lloyd to some expensive repairs.


The tell tale signs are foundations cracked and in some cases home owners have paid $20,000 on piers from ground engineering specialists due to subsidance.
The cause being rotting timber under ground left by an unscrupulous developer.

According to Lloyd Miami is sandy but a more clay -ike surface.

Builders only in the last 10 years are using treated timber – however Lloyd advises for as little as $800 extra the timber can be treated to inhibit termite infestation.

But Palm Beach has a special set of problems, mainly due to the poor practice of burying trees and vegitation during  preparation of the building sites by the land developer. One of the main problems caused by doing this is subsidence 35 years later plus the fact termites love buried timber.

The chemical termite treatment used on older houses loses it’s effectiveness with time.  Old rotting trees encourage termites. We, as older experienced Builders, working in conjunction with quality Pest control companies know the Palm Beach problems and take this information into consideration during our inspections.

Cracked brickwork is one indication of underground problems



Cracked brickwork is one indication of underground problems, one recent Palm Beach home had over $20,000.00  in pier work carried out in an attempt to support the rear section of the home.

Elanora, and Robina are newer suburbs but still have termite problems . We are finding over 50% of homes either have had or are having some form of termite issue, even with modern forms of protection used. All homes should use treated timber framing or steel frames considering the minimal extra cost involved for the long term protection.

Should get your building inspection from Lloyd especially in suburbs like Plam Beach, Benora Point, Currumbin and Tugun.