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  • Termites and Mulch

    Termites are going to be near your home on the Gold Coast as an accepted fact. Termites being attracted to moisture and timber are also attracted to mulch. Termites may access your home through small cracks or gaps in your brickwork under the mulched areas. Hence keep mulch well away from building structures.   What […]

  • Pool Fencing Inspections Gold Coast

    As a builder and building inspector Lloyd has the following tips on getting the most from a pool fencing inspection. There are good reasons why Lloyd does not want the risk of conducting pool fencing inspections. One key test is whether the gate will automatically shut when left open 100mm. Does the gate click shut […]

  • Building Inspections for Hi-Rise

    Some of the issues a good building inspection will uncover in Hi-Rises includes -: Water leaks to vanities and kitchens Drummy and loose tiling Unsafe and rusting handrails Poorly carried out renovations Expensive repairs due to be carried out to the building with no Body Corporate reserves to cover the work Door Jambs Metal entry […]

  • Building and Pest Inspection in your contract

    A correctly worded contract with a building and pest clause will allow you to withdraw from a sale if necessary subject to the Building and Pest Inspection report. You don’t want a property infested with pests or with major structural issues you are unaware of. The wording of the clause is important Be wary of […]

  • What do we need from you

    What do we need from you when you have a building and pest inspection on the Gold Coast? We co-ordinate the procedure. including-: Contact the Real-Estate agent and arrange a time that suits. Organise the pest inspection and pool inspector if need be. All we need from you is the agents phone number and you […]

  • Building Inspections are a cost saver

    Skimping on a building inspection may well cost you in the long run. Structural Issues Revealing Structural issues could avoid the situation where an issue is impossible to repair without major construction being required Buildings must also conform to the Building Codes and Standards of Australia. Budgeting for repairs Lloyd being a registered builder can […]

  • Convenient Building Pest Inspections

    We co-ordinate a time that is agreeable the purchaser, the pest control firm, the pool inspector, the owner / tenant and the agent to carry out the inspections. Offer free building advice and estimates re any future additions or renovations the purchaser may wish to carry out. Our detailed reports plus the estimates help the Purchaser re […]

  • Don’t Skimp on the Building Report

    If your aim is to speed up the buying process don’t skimp on the building report. Some building inspectors have not as much as hammered a nail in anger – yet they are going to advise you on your possible purchase. A structurally sound building is important for safety issues and costs – especially long […]

  • Purchasing a new home tips

    Scott Pape the barefoot investor has some useful tips for first home buyers. Two incomes can quickly become one.This is especially true in the boom and bust cycle of the Gold Coast.So rather than Location Location Location Scott suggests Safety Safety Safety. Home Ownership In Australia How much deposit do you need?20% Deposit and factor […]

  • Ducted Air Conditioning

    As a qualified builder and building inspector there can be some issues when adding ducted air conditioning to your home. It is often better to have ducted air conditioning installed during the usual planning stages for your new home rather than adding it at a later stage. However that is not possible when purchasing an […]