How to choose a builder for your home

A great place to start is with the site which details the regulations that apply to builders in Queensland.

This site is created by the Queensland Government and includes documents you can download and use.

BSA suggests

  • Make a list of builders willing and able to do the work.
  • Check their qualifications and past work.
  • Check the BSA licence card (refer the image) for name and expirey date
  • Advertisements must include the contractors name and BSA licence number

Checking a builders past work

With any contractor (building and pest inspections no exception) it is important to check on previous clients.
Ask the potential contractor for a list of previous jobs and for permission to contact some of those clients.

  • Did the contractor provide documents that clearly detailed and priced the work to be done?
  • Did the contractor provide good customer service?
  • Did the contractor stick to the agreed costs and timing?