Answers to common questions you may ask regarding your Gold Coast Building and Pest Inspection

A specialist Building Inspector and Pest Inspector gives you assurance of the property you are considering purchasing. Using specialists in two fields is far better than a one size fits all approach.
We are independent of real estate agents and act on your behalf.
A 24 hour report is available - also by email.
We do everything for you, we can arrange access to the property in conjunction with the real estate agent. We will contact you to confirm suitability of the inspection time if you wish to be onsite.
The purpose of a building inspection is not to pass or fail a house, but rather to undertake a detailed inspection where all visible components of the house are evaluated to establish whether they are in a sound condition or require repair or replacement. The detected faults are subsequently documented and prioritized depending on the severity of the faults and costs involved in their repair.
Yes we inspect both inside and outside the roof.
Absolutely. There is the false presumption that a new house is free of defects and subsequently does not require a building inspection.
No, a privately owned business living and working on the Gold Coast.
Payment can be made by bank deposit, cash or cheque.

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