Ducted Air Conditioning

As a qualified builder and building inspector there can be some issues when adding ducted air conditioning to your home.

It is often better to have ducted air conditioning installed during the usual planning stages for your new home rather than adding it at a later stage. However that is not possible when purchasing an existing home.

Did you know when we conduct a building inspection we actually get up in the roof cavity and inspect it. Hence the following are some of the issues to be aware of when installing ducted air conditioning into your home.

Installing an air conditioner in the roof

Adding ducted air conditioning to an existing home can be done successfully but be wary of some issues-:

  • Any future work in your ceiling may cause damage due to the workmen climbing over ducts
  • Risk of the installer putting their foot through the ceiling
  • Leaking roof tiles due to breaking the sealing
  • Ceiling cavity can get very crowded with ducted air conditioners being more than a metre square inside your roof
  • They need to cut holes for the air to enter the rooms
  • Need to revove tiles to enter the ceiling to add the air conditioner