Don’t Skimp on the Building Report

If your aim is to speed up the buying process don’t skimp on the building report.

Some building inspectors have not as much as hammered a nail in anger – yet they are going to advise you on your possible purchase.

A structurally sound building is important for safety issues and costs – especially long term costs.

  • Injuries
  • Major re-construction

Building Standards and Safety

Dwellings must conform to the Building Codes and Standards of Australia. If you purchase a home that does not conform to these standards, you will be responsible for the cost of bringing the building up to code.
If you’re buying a home for your family, you want to be sure the home is safe and ready for you to live in.
Is Insulation safe and properly installed?
Are lintels in good condition?
Building Inspector
The presence of asbestos and other dangerous materials are important safety issues as well.

Uncovering such hazards gives you the opportunity to decide if you are willing to take on the cost of making the home safe.

Repair Budgets
Your building inspection may indentify repairs required for the house. This allow you to negotiate a discounted price.
By having a licensed builder inspect your home you may be able to obtain an estimate for any repairs.

Other structures
Patios, sheds and carports also need attention.

Lloyd Woods