Convenient Building Pest Inspections

We co-ordinate a time that is agreeable the purchaser, the pest control firm, the pool inspector, the owner / tenant and the agent to carry out the inspections.
Offer free building advice and estimates re any future additions or renovations the purchaser may wish to carry out.
Our detailed reports plus the estimates help the Purchaser re negotiate the purchase price to cover the price of repairs saving thousands of dollars.
Cracked Wall In HouseMore time is spent on site for a detailed very comprehensive report. We list items in need of repair and how to avoid any further damage.
We have access to Structural Engineers if required for any subsidence or failed retaining walls and brickwork.
We carry out invasive wall inspections, eg.  key hole camera or removal of wall sheeting to confirm extent of any termite damage.
Repairs to termite damaged areas.
Our pest inspectors use the latest electronic detection equipment including Thermal Imaging, Moisture meters and also trained Sniffer dogs.