Buying and Protecting your home

We are Building Inspectors not financial advisers, however we know houses and thier hidden problems that need to be exposed.

As a qualified builder, building and repairing houses for a living, you see the potential problem areas and develop a skill set in how to avoid future problems.

House Riddled With Termites

Building Inspection Process

When we arrive onsite to carry out the Building and pest Inspection we not only look at your house to be inspected, we also survey the adjacent homes, including the fall of the land.

Building Inspection Process

Poor site drainage is the start of a lot of problems, Termite and Structural. Poor fencing and failing retaining walls are can be an indicator of future building problems.

Houses are complex, with most homes having a potential problem area. Fortunately these problems stand out to the trained eye. It may be the exterior cladding, decking, roofing or some addition that is not legal and will need expensive permits.

An example we often discover is a carport that has been added up to the front boundary without a Gold Coast City Council permit.

Council relaxation fees plus plans and permits can easily add $4000 to the house price. Building and Pest Inspectors are specialists at finding these problems and advising on how to fix them.

A common question asked of our Building and Pest Inspectors is would you buy this house? The answer depends on the Buyer, does he/she want a maintenance free home in good condition, and pay full price, or is the buyer willing to do a renovation and buy the house at a bargain price. The Building and Pest Inspectors can give an accurate estimate for any repairs to help both types of buyers.