Building Inspections are a cost saver

Skimping on a building inspection may well cost you in the long run.

Structural Issues

Revealing Structural issues could avoid the situation where an issue is impossible to repair without major construction being required
Buildings must also conform to the Building Codes and Standards of Australia.

Budgeting for repairs

Lloyd being a registered builder can give estimates for repairs as part of the inspection.
You can even discuss the possibility of renovations – for example would you be able to remove this wall and make one large living area?

Sometimes revealing issues and repairs required puts you in a better bargaining postition.
With a building inspector without the ability to accurately quote on repairs or renovations you are doubling up.

Foil Insulation

Electrical Wiring

At times Lloyd will refer you to an experienced Gold Coast electrician if he considers it unsafe.
Pink Bats
In Australia many are aware of the tragic deaths of usually young people on the “Pink Bats” installation.
Some of those electrocutions were caused by foil used in insulation being stapled by metal staples rather than plastic.
That situation if stapled through a live wire can lead to electrocution – hardly what your want for your family moving into a new home.

Down Lights
Down lights need gap from insulation and become a fire hazard should inexperienced insulation installers wrap the insulation too close to the light.

Safety switch now requirement in new houses
An Electrical safety switch detects the loss of power from a circuit, and cuts the supply of electricity in as little as 30 milliseconds – 0.03 seconds.


  • asbestos and other dangerous materials
  • missing or loose balustrades
  • cracks in walls


Pergollas Patios and Carports

A permit for pergolla in built in the backyard is required and can cost $2000.

Many people consider renovations like converting a garage into a bedroom.
There are some strict regulations that apply to these renovation and may not have been adhered to -:

  • You must have a covered outside car space
  • Once habitable the (converted) room needs to be 70 mm above the outside level

Dispute with Neighbour
A permit for converting a garage to a bedroom is approximately $3000.
All you need is a disgruntled neighbour to contact the council and you could be fined.

Council’s are increasingly resorting to Google maps to look for structures that may not comply.
Yes new technology increases the likelihood a council may detect illegal or non compliant structures.
They may even resort to drones in the future to chase revenue.

For the sake of a few hundred dollars opting out of a pre purchase building inspection does not make sense.

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