A Currumbin Waters Building Inspection

Let’s look at a real building inspection of a property in Currumbin Waters-:

Outstanding defects summary

  • Pool Gates Need Adjustment.
  • Drummy Coping To Pool. (where the term drummy is used it refers to a hollow sound which may be an indicator of tile problems) Refer to¬†Drummy Tiles
  • Drainage To Carport Area Needs Clean Out.
  • Carport Down Pipe Not Connected To Storm Water.
  • Rear Side Fence And Timber Retaining Wall Need Repairs.
  • Retaining Wall Under Shed Has Deteriorated.
  • Leaking Water Filter To Kitchen.
  • Converted Garage Floor Too Low For Habitable Room.



Site Drainage

“Comments on surface water drainage are limited as where there has been either little or no rainfall for a period of time, surface water drainage may appear to be adequate, but during periods of heavy rain may be found to be inadequate.”
After a prolonged Gold Coast dry spell aspects of drainage cannot be properly assessed.

Roof Void

“A section of the roof may be of skillion style construction and there is no accessible roof void for inspection and therefore the framing over this section of the roof is concealed.”



Inspection Restrictions of Roof Void
“Where insulation is present in the roof cavity, this restricts inspection to some roofing timbers. Removal of insulation is not within the scope of a standard visual building report. Sarking paper covering the tile battens restricts inspection. Ducting associated with air-conditioning or heating restricts inspection.”


In this dwelling the garage has been converted into a living area.
Floor Level should be 70 mm above exterior ground level to be legal.


“Holding water in two areas”


Poor…Water Leak To Water Filtration System Under Sink.
Good…post And Bulkhead Need To Remain To Support Trusses.
Walls Have Been Removed In This Area And Ceilings Have Been Repaired.

What to look for in your Gold Coast Building Inspection

All building inspection reports have disclaimers.
Did the inspector have the qualifications to offer advice on issues found?
Although the items listed above do not indicate the house should not be purchased – the buyer is in a far better (realistic) position to make an offer.
Lloyd Woods is a builder – his building inspections are above the standards required – he can estimate repairs on the spot.

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