Advantages of a two man inspection

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Advantages of a two man inspection

Your new home is too important too compromise on. Don't find out later that you have a building or termite problem.
Some companies advertise the fact that it is cheaper to have a combined building/pest inspection carried out by one person.

You obviously get what you pay for!

What's Better?
To have two experts in their own field inspecting you property or one man to do the job of both trades.

The answer is obvious, leave the building inspection to a builder and the pest inspection to a pest control company with all the sophisticated equipment and
expertise required to help detect any termite infestation.

Both inspectors need to spend their undivided attention in their own particular field of expertise..

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Termite Damage Video

Does your contract protect you?


Do not sign a contract for a home without a well worded building and pest clause!


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