Should you buy a termite damaged house?

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Should you buy a termite damaged house?

This is an building inspection at Palm Beach Gold Coast.
It is an old termite damaged property, but was fixable according to Gold Coast Building Inspector Lloyd Woods.

"Most people shy away from a termite damage house, but if bought for the right price and with some good advice from the Builder/Inspector the houses can be fixed."

This home had a serious water leakage problem which was the original reason that attracted termites.

Termites Video

The foil insulation inside the roof has the potential to be fatal if an electrical short happens when weight is put on on the sheeting. There have been fatalities in the past from the staples holding the sheets down being metal instead of plastic.
The staples may have been fired through the sheeting into power wires hidden under the sheeting.

Outstanding Defects Summary

  • Termite Damage To Rear Shed Wall
  • Termite Damage To Floor Joists And Bearers
  • Shed Rhs Wall Has Termite Damage…no Down Pipe
  • No Tray Under Hws In Cupboard
  • No Shower Screen
  • Foil Insulation To Back Of Ceiling
  • Garage Not Painted
  • Cracked Brick Base To Garage

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Lloyd Woods Building Inspector

Did you know? Termites are just as likely to attack a double brick home

Termites Double Brick Home
Image courtesy Pest Control Gold Coast

Termite Damage Video